Walkabout Nafplio tour

Full day tour in Nafplio



  • Duration : Full day
  • Description : We’ll pick you up from your hotel. We'll get to Nafplio with our Mercedes mini VAN. From there we’ll start exploring Nafplio downtown. You’ll experience, first hand, the colors of the first capital city of modern Greece. The beautiful scenery and the picturesque town of Nafplio will high your senses. First stop the square with the statue of Kolokotronis, a hero of the Greek modern history and beside the square, the old railway station. We’ll explore the narrow alleyways and streets.

    You’ll have the chance to see the city from above and take some memorable photos. We’ll head back for a short coffee break and then straight to photograph the steep rocks of the castle with its magic view to the sea. A few surprises of the nature await you. Nafplio's harbor is guarded by two castles, one on a small island and the other capping the hill above the town. We’ll go up to the castle with its canons overseeing the gulf and enjoy the view. We take the road along the harbor and back to city center through traditional buildings, shops and some interesting corners of the town. During our tour, we'll take photos of you and catch the moments through our lenses!
  • Host : Hi, I'm Alex and I'm a professional photographer and web designer. I love meeting people and exchange ideas and experiences about photography. During the tour, you will be able to visit and photograph not only the famous places but explore the heart of the city. We will visit places were locals like to go. Places of everyday life.So, Make your Mark!
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