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The GreekVoyager Travel Club is our way of giving you VIP personalized travel services and keeping you in the know with updates all year long. So, whether you’ve already left ‘your footprints in the Greek earth’ (and can’t wait to come back) or are dreaming of sailing the Aegean, visiting Mt. Athos or living the Mykonos myth, the GreekVoyager Travel Club is a golden opportunity for you and for us.

For you to discover the many beautiful places in Greece under the sun, as well as those secret corners glowing with history, unique local culture – and just plain magical landscape.

For us to offer you ‘travel insights’ that capture your interests and the know-how to create customized travel plans for discovery and inspiration.

Seasonal offers and proposals

Greece is for all seasons. Year round, we create something special for you to ‘Live the Culture’ and experience Greece ‘off-the-beaten path’.

Competitive offers!

How it works

When register, you'll receive in your email a Travel Club ID. This is your ID strictly for personal use.

On each service request form, you'll find at the bottom a field asking you to type your Travel Club ID.

By inserting this ID, you're eligible for discounts, offers and special services available only to our Club members.

You gain

- discount on all our services and up to 50% on selected services

- special offers and proposals to members only

plus ...
- selected hotels, villas and studios, free participation on club's events

Our knowledge of Greece and our partnerships with top like-minded tour operators,
ensure you quality services and unique experiences

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