A Celebration of Ancient Greek Theaters

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Theater of DionysusOdeon of Herodes Atticus

Central Greece & Euboea

Theatre of DelphiTheater of Oiniades, Aetolia-AcarnaniaTheater of Eretria, EuboeaTheater of Thebes

Thessaly & Epirus

Ancient Theaters of LarissaTheater of Dodoni, IoanninaTheater of Ambracia, ArtaTheater of Demetrias, VolosTheater of Cassope, PrevezaTheater of Gitanae, Thesprotia

Macedonia & Thrace

Theater of Dion, PieriaTheater of Abdera, XanthiTheater of Vergina (Aigai), ImathiaTheater of Philippi, KavalaTheater of Maroneia, Rhodope


Theaters of EpidaurusTheater of CorinthTheater of Argos, ArgolisTheater of Mantineia, ArcadiaTheater of Messene (Ithome), MesseniaTheater of Sicyon, Corinthia

Aegean Islands

Theater of Milos, CycladesTheater of Rhodes, DodecaneseTheater of Mytilene, LesvosTheater of Hephaistia, LemnosTheater of SamothraceTheater of ThasosTheater of Thera, CycladesOdeon of Kos, Dodecanese

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