Dense vegetation; rocky landscapes, and pure blue seas: a uniquely alternative destination. Go island-hopping in a paradise island complex!


The bigger islands in the Northern Sporades sustain small populations - mostly of craftsmen, farmers and fishermen - and the only proper towns double as ports: Skiathos town, Skopelos town, Patitiri on Alonissos and Linaria on Skyros.

Moreover, on Skopelos island Glossa and on Alonissos island Steni Vala port are also well worth visiting, especially to look for good tavernas in the typically narrow winding streets. Indeed some beaches on Skiathos and Skopelos are considered the best in the eastern Mediterranean. In fact the Northern Sporades are as famous for the beautiful scenery and beaches as for the amount of secluded anchorages and wildlife, hence ideal for yacht charter holidays.

One week trip

Skiathos - Skopelos 20NM
Skopelos - Alonissos 7NM
Alonissos - Kira Panagia/Pelagos 17NM
Kira Panagia - Agnondas/Skopelos 28NM
Agnondas - Koukounaries 12NM
Koukounaries - Skiathos 6NM

Two weeks trip

Skiathos - Orei Channel 25NM
Orei Channel - Trikeri (Pellion peninsule) 15NM
Trikeri - Koukounaries 12NM
Koukounaries - Panormos/Skopelos 15NM
Sailing around Skopelos
Panormos - Steni Vala/Alonissos 20NM
Steni Vala - Planitis/Pelagos 18NM
Planitis - Linaria/Skyros 35NM
Staying in Skyros
Linaria - Skopelos 35NM
Skopelos - Glossa/Skopelos 12NM
Glossa - Skiathos 10NM
Skiathos - N.Tsougria (Skiathos) 5NM

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