Fournoi (Korsoi)

Fournoi or Korsoi (Korsiai or Korassiai in antiquity), is a cluster of small islands in the Eastern Aegean, which took its name from Fournoi, the largest island with the port and most inhabitants.
The cluster is located east of the island of Ikaria, at 10 nm from Agios Kirykos and south of the island of Samos. It consists of two inhabited islands, Fournoi and Thymaina, thirteen uninhabited rocky islands and the rock of Petrokaravo.
The islands, unique fishing spots, cover a total area of 48 sq km and 1,500 inhabitants, of whom the majority live in Fournoi.


Fournoi is the largest island of the cluster with an area of 31 sq km. It consists of two oblong parts, the one to the north and the other to the south, connected by a narrow neck of land. The northern part has a length of 8 km, a width of 3 km; the highest peak, Korakas, is at 514 m. The southern part has a length of 10 km, a width of 2 km and the highest point at 311 m.
The coastline has a length of 126 km, too large compared to the expanse of the island and this because the coasts are very lacy with many successive coves.

Getting there

We can go to the island of Fournoi using the ferries heading to Icaria.
- Piraeus-Paros-Naxos-Evdilos (Icaria)-Fournoi-Karlovasi (Samos).
- Pythagorion (Samos)-Fournoi-Aghios Kirykos-Patmos-Lipsi-Leros-Kalymnos-Kos.
There is also a local boat from Fournoi to Thymaina, Agios Kirykos and Karlovasi of Samos on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Every Wednesday, after Thymaina, the boat catches in Chrysomilia, the best beach of Fournoi, on the northwest coast of the northern part of the island.


Center of life is the homonymous settlement and harbor in the beautiful bay in the middle of the west coast. They live more than 1,000 of the 1,300 inhabitants of the island.
Calm vacation and accommodation in rent rooms, authentic island atmosphere, plane trees on the large square of the village and gastronomic delights in the taverns with fresh fish and lobster; also excellent thyme honey. Clear marine environment, beautiful beaches in small coves and rich fishing spots for those who love fishing. In summer we can go daily in the beach Chryssomilia and the island of Thymaina by boat from the port of Fournoi.
Feasts: August 15, Panagia (Virgin Mary) and August 28, Aghios Ioannis.

The island of Thymaina and the other islets

The small island of Thymaina has 150 inhabitants and is located west of the island of Fournoi. It has an area of 10 sq km, a length of 6 km and a width of 4 km; the highest peak is at 470 m. North is the rocky islet Thymainaki with a length of 1 km, a width of 600 m and highest point at 133 m, and west two small rocky islets called Katergakia.
Between the islands of Thymaina and Fournoi is located the elongated rocky island of Diapori or Kissiria, with a length of 2.5 km and a width of 500 m.
Southwest of Fournoi is the islet Alatzonissi or Alaphonissi, and south the rocky islets Prasonissi, Strongylo, Plaka, Plakaki and Makronissi which has a length of 1.9 km and a width of 500 m.
To the southeast are the islets Mikros Anthropofagas, or Kedro and Megalos Anthropofagas; and to the east the islet Aghios Minas with an area of 0.55 sq km, a length of 3 km, a width of 1 km and highest point at 211 m; at the southern edge is the tiny Mikros Aghios Minas.

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