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Sifnos, an island in the western Cyclades, is located southeast of the island of Seriphos and northeast of the island of Kimolos. It has an area of 73 sq km, a length of 16 km and a width of 8 km. The highest peak is Prophet Elias at a height of 678 m. The coastline has a length of 70 km. The shores are lacy in the west and the south side, where several bays are formed. At the southern edge is the islet Kitriani.

The island of Siphnos is one of the most famous destinations in the Cyclades cluster. It has beautiful landscapes, traditional villages, tourist facilities and a long tradition in ceramics and pottery. The port Kamares is 79 nm from Piraeus. It is located on the west coast, just 6 km from the capital Apollonia, built on three hills in the center of the island. In ancient times there was a temple of Apollo, from which it took its name. It is a traditional village, as the adjacent settlement of Artemonas. On top of a hill on the east coast, lies the medieval village of Kastro (Castle). The most famous beach is Platys Ghialos, in a beautiful bay with the same name. Other nice places are Chrysopighi, Vathy, Pharos, Katavatis, Exambela and Cheronessos.

The island was originally called Akys and Merope. After 1000 BC, Ionians came from Athens, led by Siphnos, from whom the island took its name. During the Archaic period it was the richest island of the Cyclades thanks to gold and silver mines. The Treasure of the Siphnians in Delphi is an example of the prosperity of the island at the time.

It was a member of the 1st and 2nd Athenian League. After that period it fell into decline and followed the historical path of the Cyclades. In the medieval era it was conquered by the Venetians and later by the Turks. It was an important educational center and the birthplace of many intellectuals.

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