One of the most beautiful mountain regions of Greece


Tzoumerka or Athamanika Mountains is one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Greece, a part of the great mountain range of Pindus, in Western Greece. The Tzoumerka mountain range stretches for 30 km in the areas of Ioannina, Trikala and Arta and is separated from the rest of the Pindus Mountains by the Achelous River in the east.

With the exception of the higher zone, the mountain range is covered by forests, mostly fir, and is divided into two sections. In the north the highest peak is Kakarditsa at 2,429 m and in the south, in the region of Arta, the highest peak is Katafidi at 2,393 m. To the west lies the valley of the Arahthos River.

On the slopes, covered with forests, there are picturesque villages – Melissourgi, Pramanda, Agnanda, Konakia, Katarraktis, Kryopigi and others – old monasteries and magnificent landscapes. The area is an important refuge for birds.

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