Walks into one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Greece, in West Macedonia!

Ag.Athanasios, Nymfaio

Walks into one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Greece, in West Macedonia! In the beautiful villages of Agios Athanassios and Nymphaeon!

Agios Athanassios is located in Pella, at 30 km from the town of Edessa and 120 km from Thessaloniki. A traditional village, at an altitude of 1,200 on the slopes of the peak Piperitsa, of the mountain range of Vora, or Kaimakatsalan, near the local ski resort. It was built in the late 16th century and for four centuries it was an important livestock center. During the 1970s it was deserted, but after the opening of the ski resort, in the 1990s, was developed into one of the most beautiful mountain tourist destinations. It has stone houses, typical examples of Macedonian architecture, beautiful hostels, taverns and many options for recreation in beautiful natural surroundings.

Nymphaeon is located in the region of Florina, within 57 km from the town of Florina, and is considered as one of the most beautiful mountain villages of Europe. It is at an altitude of 1350, on the eastern slopes of Mount Verno, and has been declared a traditional settlement.

It was built in 1385 and after 1600 became a renowned center of silversmith, as it reminds the Silver and Goldsmith, Folklore and History Museum, housed in a three-story stone building. We can also see how it was inside the house in the 19th century, with old wall paintings, wooden ceilings and original antique furniture. The walk brings us to cobbled narrow streets with stone houses and beautiful hostels. The old school has become a convention center of the University of Thessaloniki. Around spread a forest of beeches and at one and a half km is the environmental information center of the "Arcturus", the organization for the protection of the brown bear and wolf.

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