Created by man, sculptured by nature!

Lake Kerkini

In North Greece and specifically in the northwest part of Serres prefecture (40 km away) , we can meet one of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece, Lake Kerkini. The formation of the lake was caused by man’s intervention. In 1932 a dam in the waters of river Strymonas was constructed and gradually lake Kerkini took shape.

The plantation consisting of riparian forests of wild willows, the water-lilies, the water buffalos swimming in lake’s calm water and the great mountainous areas of Belles give a unique grace to this land. The lake offers the ideal conditions for bird watching and butterfly watching. It is one of the best places in Europe for natural watching. About 300 rare and protected bird species live and breed here.

The total protected area counts about 83,100 hectares. More than 300 bird species have been observed of which 137 of these nest, 134 overwinter and 163 use the wetland and the surrounding area as an intermediate resting and foraging stop in their migration routes.

The vegetation and flora consists of at least 1,300 plant species, some of which are rare or endemic. The climate is characterised as semi-arid Mediterranean climate. The average annual temperature is 15°C. The hottest month is July (average at 26.1° C) and the coldest month is January (average temperature at 3.8°C).

So come along with us to discover this beauty created by man and sculptured by nature.

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