Ghialova, Voidokilia

North of the town of Pylos stretches one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the Western Peloponnese; Divari, or Ghialova lagoon, and the beautiful bay of Voidokilia. The lagoon is separated by a narrow neck of the bay of Navarino. It has a length of 2 km and a width of 1 km and ii is an important wetland habitat for birds and other species. On the west it is enclosed by the peninsula of Koryphassion, which has a length of 1.500 m and a width of 400 m. To the northeast, the bay of Voidokilia is formed, with an amazing sandy beach, dunes and waters calm as a lake.

On the other side of the lagoon is located the settlement of Ghialova, with a great sandy beach, hotels, rooms to let and taverns. In the surrounding area there are the remains of ancient walls and constructions from the Mycenaean to the medieval times. Near Ghialova, it is the archaeological site with the remains of the Palace of Nestor, king of the first, Homeric Pylos, during the era of the Trojan War. Further north is the beautiful coastal village of Romanos.


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