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City break

(ˈsɪtɪ breɪk )

Whether you want to Escape, Socialise, Self Esteem, have Fun or Relax below we propose two popular city breaks in Greece.

city break Athens


The historic center of Athens connects many important archaeological sites and sightseeing. Of great interest is also the center of the city where a visitor can discover big and small cultural treasures. Acropolis and the museum. With every step around this glorious monument, you sense the spirit of Classical Greece. Plaka known as the "Neighborhood of the Gods". Monastiraki the famous open flea market. The National Archaeological Museum is a walk through the ancient Greek civilization! And many more for you to discover!

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city break Thessaloniki


Cosmopolitan and bustling! Modern and traditional! The big crossroads in the southeastern corner of Europe! The city stretches from the inside of the great Τhermaikos Gulf. Thessaloniki offers its beauties to its visitors from the promenade and the historical center to the old town and the beautiful beaches.The city is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, nightlife, good food and the famous sweets. It can keep its visitor for many days but, without a doubt, is also one of the most interesting city break options.

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