Mists of South

For those who want to travel in Greece not only in summer but also the rest of the year as well, it should be noted that several mists appears. This is due to the terrain, the continuous alternation of land and sea and to the frequent days with fine weather during the cold months.
But these mists don't look like the fogs that appear in Northern Europe. In Greece they make their appearance usually early in the morning and they dissolved shortly after the sunrise.

hellas mist

More common, in climates such as the Greek, is the haze. The haze appears in two forms. It is either created by water vapor swinging droplets and is liquid, or it is created by solid swinging particles and is dry.
These partcicles form something like a light fog, that shades the atmosphere and obstruct visibility, at distances larger than 1.000 meters.The phenomenon is often observed, especially during the summer.