Philippi in the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments List

Philippi in the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments

July 16, 2016

UNESCO Commission listed the Archaeological Site of Philippi in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, as part of the 40th Session conducted these days in Istanbul.

The city of Philippi is related with King Philip the 2nd of Macedonia, the battle of Philippi, which determined the evolution of the Roman state and the first appearance of the Apostle Paul in Europe. The visit to the place is a charming walk among the splendid monuments of the Hellenistic, Roman, early Christian and Byzantine era that remind the long history from the 4th century BC until the 16th century AD.

The archaeological site of Philippi is located northwest of Kavala, at a distance of 15.6 km, to the road connecting the towns of Kavala and Drama.

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