Prague, Czech Republic

A winter weekend

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Prague, Czech Republic

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Do you know that ..

In December, the Old Town Square and other squares and corners in Prague host Christmas Markets selling ornamens, gifts, souvenirs, mulled wine, punch and the traditional Czech carps. Before Christmas in the streets appear barrels full of live carp, a traditional Czech delicacy. The markets are an attraction in their own way and one more wonderful picture of Prague from our winter trip.

Don't forget ..

to taste Prague beers. A brewery was recorded in Cerhenice in 1118. The quality of the Czech beer is based in the ingredients used and the balance between them. In Prague U Fleků is world's oldest brewpub. One wall of the brewhouse is decorated with the words "God bless the mother who gave birth to a brewer".

Useful telephones

Police 158
Fire Dpt 150
Ambulance 155
City Police 156
Road assistance 1230
Gas emergency 1239